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How To Become A Model: Your Ultimate Guide

When asked, “how to become a model?”, most people would say that “looks” are the greatest asset for models. And they are not entirely wrong. You see, looks are the primary value proposition in the modeling industry. However, it takes more than just looks if you aim to be a supermodel and have a successful career in the field. First, you have to know what sells products and then understand the business’s nitty-gritty. That is why industry giants give the most attention to models like Giselle Bundchen, Heidi Klum, or Jerry Hall

Below are the basic requirements that you would need to meet to have a shot at becoming a model. Keep scrolling!

Sometimes designers may want to portray an image of perfection. So, they will choose models who have no physical flaws. It would be the case if the designer wanted a model for a high-fashion project.

At other times, designers will choose models who are not quite perfect but closer to real-life standards. For instance, you might be chosen if you have a great smile that would go well with clothes designed for younger people, or your thick eyebrows might fit something designed for an older audience. In short, a designer might ask for anybody from thin to average to heavy as long as the model has a certain look that will complement their vision of what they are trying to create. Furthermore, there are different types of fashion models based on their work and the audience they target. Head to the next section to know all about them.

Fashion is a broad field, and stylistic preferences vary drastically from one person to the next. Therefore, there are five important categories of fashion models, as mentioned below:

  • Beauty/Glamor Models

Beauty or glamor models sell the idea of the product. They should ideally have attractive, soft, smooth, and clear skin. Beauty models are hired to make products look good. Their main purpose is to be pretty and demonstrate what a product will do for the consumer if they buy and use it.

Sometimes, beauty modeling can be as simple as just having perfect skin or hair, and the product is shown as an accessory that you can use to keep up with your beauty.

  • Runway/Fashion Models

A runway model showcases how the designer’s clothing will look on someone and how it is supposed to fit. For instance, if there is a new line of women’s jeans and jackets. They might bring in a thin and tall model, representing the target consumer base. It also goes to show that extreme sizes do not restrict the clothes.

For yoga pants, sunglasses, or cute hats, the designer may choose a model who looks more mature but also athletic and hip. Their style has a younger flair, but their age makes them appealing to an older crowd. In this case, it is not about what they wear but how they carry them.

The audience should be able to look at the runway model and visualize themselves in the clothes. So, it is important to bring in the right type of model to wear your creations so that people can see how it is supposed to look on them.

  • Editorial/ Print Models

An editorial model showcases clothes created by designers and international fashion houses on the cover of high-fashion magazines. These jobs take place in studios or outdoor locations.

  • Body Types/Diversity Models

The beauty and fashion modeling industry has diversified now. Models come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors. In the past, fashion models were usually tall, white women with abs of steel and long legs. But today, the field has opened up to a more diverse group of people.

You will also find advertisements that don’t use a single model and instead show representations of various sizes and shapes. It helps demonstrate that people of different shapes and sizes can wear the clothing.

  • Commercial Models

Commercial models are usually very attractive and have special skills to help sell the products. The purpose of commercial models is to show products being used properly. They could explain how much better their product is than the competitor’s, or they could just show the products you know and love. They demonstrate how buying the product can make your life better. The main purpose of commercial models is to show you how awesome their product is.

Quick Tip Find a modeling agency that seems a good fit and submit your digital and relevant experience.

Once you have decided on the kind of model you want to become, you can work on the core skills needed in the profession. Check out the next section to know all about them.


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