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Con magazine is a platform to celebrate the collaboration between the creators and the curators .


Our magazine is the best seller which includes a diverse vision from  stylish trends, fashion, beauty tips, swimwear, style inspirations and interviews of the top models and influential artists. Con Magazine is providing a stage for talented models and photographers to tell a story that is captivating, modern and engaging. 

Our magazine provides great opportunities for models to get featured on our front cover and talented photographers to let the world see their work. We help professional models, photographers, influential models and makeup artists to boost their career. 

Our magazine offers both print and digital subscriptions. Having fulfilled the promise of providing opportunities, many top models were featured in our magazine.  We ensure great customer service and fast delivery for our readers to enjoy all new editions of our magazine.  

Top models like Lexi Monique, Carmen Yeji, Danyelle, and Shawntina Lane have appeared on our covers. 

About Us



Con magazine has always focused on providing authentic content which is relatable , reliable and provides the updates of latest trends . Trust is our greatest asset and therefore we have always been   creating  content meticulously for every individual .We have a trusted community of over 50k artists who have always trusted us with their growth and joined our community


In- depth Analysis

Con magazine is a platform to showcase our passion and commitment to in-depth analysis and also diversifying it to Boudoir , Fashion and beauty and swimwear including it from not just runway trends but fashion worldwide to provide you with the latest updates through our editorial


On Time Delivery

Experiencing the credibility of our fashion magazine with on time delivery ensuring to provide latest updates of trends and insight as expected . Our commitment to punctuality means you can trust us for timely and quality content every time with each editorial

Why Choose us?

Our Top Covers 

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