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Step Into Tomorrow: AI-Generated Fashion Models Redefining the Runway Scene!

Technology has been leaving its mark in every field and now it’s not wrong to say that tech is on the runway. The technology now has reached new heights with the rise of AI generated fashion models. This is an innovative and unique approach to showcase clothing. This approach is beyond the traditional and conventional way. These innovations have provided designers and brands new opportunities to become creative and distinct.

AI generated fashion models
AI generated fashion models

Technology has an upper hand in the world of fashion as well.

How did it start: AI Generated Fashion Models

The use of this trend started all over with the innovative creation of Shudu Gram, a digital supermodel, by Cameron-James Wilson who is a British photographer in 2017. Wilson's creative strategy showed how AI generated fashion models might challenge conventional notions of beauty in the fashion industry.

At present, Tech companies and fashion houses are increasingly collaborating as the industry grows more open to new developments in technology. AI generated fashion models are being used in advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and even as brand ambassadors because of this partnership.

The fashion industry's ability toward innovation and digitization includes the use of AI models on the runway. It signifies a change in the way that fashion is seen, understood, and worn. Artificial intelligence (AI) models are expected to expand in the fashion industry as technology advances, challenging established norms and creating new possibilities for expression and creativity.

What exactly are AI models?

Artificial intelligence models are generally computer-generated avatars created through the application of artificial intelligence algorithms. These models work as virtual influencers or brand ambassadors for fashion brands, or they can be used to showcase clothing and other accessories. 

The way fashion is displayed has undergone an evolution due to AI fashion models. These are artificial intelligence (AI)-generated computer entities created with advanced algorithms to display clothing and other items in a virtual setting. AI-generated versions, in contrast to traditional models, are only found in digital spaces, providing designers with an additional platform to express their creativity outside of the limitations of the physical world.

A few well known AI models are: 

Shudu Gram

British photographer Cameron-James Wilson's invention of Shudu Gram in 2017 served as a major inspiration for the AI generated fashion models popularity.  Shudu is a digital supermodel who was highlighted in several fashion campaigns due to her extremely realistic appearance. Wilson's creative strategy showed how AI models might challenge conventional notions of beauty in the fashion industry.

Digital influencers and Virtual models

2018 and 2019 saw the rising use of the trend with  Businesses such as Brud introducing computer-generated influencer Lil Miquela, hiding the differences between the actual and virtual worlds. The shift toward the use of AI models  in fashion advertising was marked by the collaboration of Lil Miquela and other virtual influencers with fashion companies. 

CGI fashion shows

Because there were fewer actual events due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there was a rise in CGI fashion shows. Designers now have the chance to play around with CGI and AI models. During London Fashion Week, The Digitals, a digital modeling business, and the Fashion Innovation business at London College of Fashion worked together to produce virtual models for designers.

Unreal Engine and Digital Fashion Week

The trend was further encouraged by the usage of real-time graphics tools like Unreal Engine. Digital fashion weeks, which featured collections on virtual runways with AI generated fashion models, first appeared in 2020 and 2021. Designers and brands explored the possibilities of using these modern technologies to create realistic digital experiences. 

AI Technology Advancements (At present )

Technological developments in AI continue to be extremely important, especially in the areas of computer vision, generative modeling, and 3D visualization.  By promoting the development of AI models that are more dynamic and realistic, these technologies further blur the difference between virtual and real-world objects on the runway.

Industry Collaboration and Acceptance (Ongoing and at present)

Tech businesses and fashion houses are increasingly collaborating as the industry grows more open to new innovations.  AI models are being used in advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and even as brand ambassadors due to this partnership. 

AI-Generated Fashion Models A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Runway
AI-Generated Fashion Models A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Runway

How is AI changing the fashion industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically and drastically  changing the fashion industry in a number of areas, including customer experience and design band Marketing, customer experience, manufacturing, and design are a few aspects which are affected by artificial intelligence (AI) changing the fashion business. . AI makes it possible for generative and graphic  design and predictive trend analysis in the field of design, which speeds up and enhances  the creative process and keeps designers aware of new trends in fashion.  AI promotes innovation, especially in the digital sphere, by improving the shopping experience through virtual try-ons, personalized recommendations, and the establishment of virtual fashion shows. AI's capacity to guarantee supply chain transparency and suggest environmentally friendly design is advantageous for efforts to promote sustainability.


In conclusion, the fashion industry is undergoing a transformational phase with the introduction of AI-generated fashion models. This development raises important questions about the runway's future and demonstrates how creativity and technology may exist together.  AI gives businesses and designers a never-before-seen empty canvas on which to play, expanding the realm of what is possible in terms of fashion designs.

The relationship between AI and fashion will probably get stronger as technology develops. The fashion industry's digital and real worlds will merge to produce realistic interactive experiences for brands, consumers, and designers alike. The story of this developing partnership will be shaped by the issues facing AI in fashion, from its applications to its moral implications.


What are AI fashion models?

Artificial Intelligence fashion models are digital representations created to highlight clothes and other accessories.  Designers can see and showcase their works in a digital environment thanks to these virtual models, which are produced by artificial intelligence algorithms.

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